Two green massage balls printed with "Therapy Ball" on mesh bag
Two purple massage balls printed with "Therapy Ball" on mesh bag
Two blue massage balls printed with "Therapy Ball" & "Yoga tune up. Fitness therapy for Everyday Living"on mesh bag

Yoga Tune Up Massage Balls Assorted Colors

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A staff favorite and an awesome gift.  These massage therapy balls are not your typical myofascial release tools. Even more effective than foam rollers, they can be used to target specific trigger points and high-tension areas in your body.

These are a must for every home! Stretching on your mat is yummy, but we all need to get deeper with self-massage... thank you yoga balls! Your dog may want to borrow them, but tell your pup to get their own! - Hallie

Duh...the yoga tool that's maybe more important than a mat, and I love a damn good mat. Better than a foam roller because it's more exact and more nimble around injured and boney areas, helpful for working with trigger points, amazing for recovery day after a tough workout and for generally feeling better after sitting at the computer. - Niki

Put these to use in our self massage workshop

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