blank white pad of paper with "I should, I need to, I want to" Crossed through. large letter I AM!

Your Joyologist "I Am Doing It" Notepad

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Your words are powerful. 

Saying I should doesn't feel fun, or motivating.  Or like anything you actually WANT to do. 

Saying I need to doesn't feel like it is your choice or something that you actually WANT to do. 

Saying I want to, is a step in the right direction but it still doesn't actually call you into doing it.  How many things do you say you want to do, but never actually do? It keeps it in the future, the someday. 

So instead of using these words, use the very simple but powerful phrase of "I AM" to call you to actually do it, while feeling good about the choice you are making to get it done!  

 Notepad is 5.5in. x 8.5 in. 


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