upright rolled saffron mat with white paper band around center reading "BMAT, everyday" B Mat printed directly on mat on btm left towards edge

The B Mat Everyday 4mm Saffron (Local Pick Up Only)

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I'll just let Mariah explain this mat's awesomeness:
When I tell you I slip on yoga mats, I mean every down dog turns into a belly flop. And when I tell you the B Mat is sticky, I mean my feet are glued. This is the mat I recommend to everyone. The colors are fantastic, the grip is unbeatable, and I just like the way it feels!

The B MAT Everyday is designed with every-yogi in mind. Super sweaty and fast-moving, or room-temp with long holds -- the B MAT Everyday is for every-practice. Mats are available for local pick up only.

Weight: 4.1lbs

Dimensions: 71" x 26"

Thickness: 4mm

Material: 100% rubber


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