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wood surface with 4 cards in card formation face up. top right corner has black backed deck of cards. bottom left corner has card box with small booklet on top
Wood surface with black card box at center. white drawing of figure with wings and 5 point star head scattering smaller filled stars over the title
Wood surface with black card box on the left with booklet stacked on top. to the right is a messy pile of cards face down
wood surface with 4 cards face up and visible but blocked by set of hands holding the booklet open infront. stacked deck at top right corner

Spirit Speak Divina Tarot Deck

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Divina is playful and gentle in it's approach to the tarot archetypes. Filled with images of floating star angels and wispy gestures, Divina delivers information with loving care. These whimsical images were created by artist Mary Elizabeth Evans with pen, ink, and greyscale watercolor. This deck comes with 78 black and white cards and a 78 page detailed guidebook. 

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