Inner Oracle Protect-Magick Candle

Inner Oracle Protect-Magick Candle

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Psychic attack be gone and let it be a thing of the past! Protect your space and energy with this candle. Let the flame light your way through any dark time.

The Inner Oracle's magic candles are made with intention. Each candle comes with two crystals that are charged with the moon's energy. Both crystals enhance the intention of the candle and give it a boost of energy. They are made on a full or new moon and each is cured with selenite crystals to keep the intention of the candles pure.

To Use:

  • Burn with intention

  • Do not blow out with your own breath, rather snuff the candle.

  • Magick candles work best when burned straight through. This should last approximately 3 days. *Do not leave unattended or close to anything that might catch on fire.

  • Magick works best with intense feeling, gratitude, and love.


-100% Soy Wax

-Dimensions: 2" wide x 6 1/2" tall, 8 fl oz.

-Contain tourmaline and amazonite. Crystals can vary and are dependent on availability. 


**Made on a Full Moon to enhance the moon's power to Protect.

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