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HanaqPacha Agua De Rosas Water

HanaqPacha Agua De Rosas Water

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This all-natural Rose Water spray can be used on the face and body as a refreshing "spritz" or as a room and/or linen freshener.  This fragrant water would be ideal for gentle heart healing, uplifting energies, and for calming and relaxation, both in and out of ceremony.

Size: 4 oz (118 mL)
Bottle: Amber Glass with Spray Top
Ingredients: 100% Natural Organic Rose Water
Scent Profile: Fresh roses - sweet, distinctive floral, with a soft citrus highlight and a subtle, honeyed undertone.

This product is handcrafted with the best organic and natural ingredients and contains no chemicals, artificial colors or additives. Due to the all-natural nature of this product, we advise shaking before use.


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